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Bank of Dade is dedicated to the tradition of service through courtesy, timeliness, consistency, and commitment. The objectives of our organization are to serve the financial needs of our community with safe and sound banking practices, and provide services and support to our local community.



Bank of Dade offers a wide variety of accounts to meet your individual needs.

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Bank of Dade offers a wide variety of services to accommodate all your financial needs.

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Loans Since it was founded in 1956, Bank of Dade has been in the business of personal, business, and agricultural loans. We have loan officers at our main office for your convenience. Please call or stop by our office today for more information and rates.

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    • December 15, 2010 will be the last day Bank of Dade will accept Treasury Tax & Loan (TT&L)
    • We have a variety of accounts, designed to meet all your needs.