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Debit Card Fraud Letter To Customers

The banking industry is experiencing increased fraudulent debit card activity. Initially, fraudulent activity was predominately limited to foreign countries; however, these activities have now become a domestic problem.  Banks are limited in their ability to protect both their customers and themselves from excessive losses due to this type of fraud.  The most effective method that banks have identified to reduce the amount of fraud is to block transactions occurring in high-incident areas.

The Bank of Dade has identified certain areas of the U.S., and certain merchants, in which excessive numbers of fraudulent transactions have occurred.  The Bank of Dade has previously blocked all debit card transactions conducted in foreign countries, all debit card transactions conducted at Walgreens (in all states except Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama) and blocked all ATM transactions in the State of California.  EFFECTIVE JUNE 1st, 2014, the Bank of Dade will begin blocking all debit card transactions conducted in the States of Florida, New York, and Illinois. The Bank of Dade reserves the right to block additional areas and merchants based on levels of fraudulent activity.

If you plan to travel to any of these restricted locations, or conduct transactions with any blocked merchant, you will need to contact our New Accounts Department during our regular business hours to request a temporary exception in order to complete these transactions.  As always, if you need to report a lost or stolen debit card or potential fraud, you can contact our New Accounts Department during our regular business hours or you can also contact the Elan Fraud Prevention Services 24 hours a day at 1-800-264-5578.  The Elan Fraud Prevention Services cannot grant requests for temporary exceptions for blocked locations or merchants.

The following are a few important reminders regarding debit card transactions:

  • PIN numbers should not be written on the back of the card or kept in a wallet or purse
  • Do not use commonly available information as your PIN (i.e.: house number, date of birth)
  • Only give out your account information for transactions if you are familiar with the company you are dealing with and you have initiated the transaction
  • Always obtain merchant receipts and destroy carbons
  • Criminals may ask you for your bank account number and then withdraw money from your account by creating a demand draft (sometimes called a “remotely created check”) or make an electronic transfer,
  • They may also ask for your debit or credit card number and other personal information. Don’t fall for these scams and don’t let yourself be pressured into “free trial offers.” (especially from telephone, text, or e-mail requests that are not initiated by yourself)
  • Review your monthly bank statements to verify authorized transactions or periodically review your transactions through our on-line banking service
  • Remember that when you have given your debit card information to a merchant you have authorized them to withdraw the funds from your account.  Be aware that stop payments are not allowed on debit card transactions
  • When using your card at merchant locations, always keep your card in sight


If you have any questions regarding debit card transactions please feel free to contact our New Accounts Department at 706-657-6842.


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May 5, 2014

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